Friday, August 03, 2007

August 3, 2007 Bonus Bonus Blog
Worked all afternoon on our big doubletruck ad for Mickey Free in the October issue. Robert Ray submitted the best design and concept so we went with it.

Jason Strykowski and I worked quite a bit on Paul Hutton's copy to prune it down into a trailer type tease. The last two lines are:

The storm is coming. Heads will roll.

Pretty cool, no?

Hen Pecked?
“Good for you treating those hens to a mister. Are they still giving you eggs in this heat?”
— Lee G.

Thanks. Getting two to three a day.

Sieber Synergy?
“Did a double-take of that General Crook and staff photo. Coulda swore that was BBB rather than Al Sieber standin' there. Do you believe in past lives? Woo--eee-ooo. ‘BBB, Chief of the Desk.’

“Got a kick out of the exchange between you and Mark Boardman. He's saying giving Remington an I-phone will turn True West magazine into Mad Magazine, and your response is basically, ‘What, me worry?’ Ha.
—Steve Sanders

”We had our baby at home, which was nice, because I knew where the beer was.”
—Dave Mathews, in Rolling Stone magazine

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