Thursday, August 02, 2007

August 2, 2007 Bonus Bonus Blog
Here is the well-known Remington pen and ink of his methodology while sketching on the San Carlos reservation. And below that is my "negative" version of Fred using an iPhone type camera to capture the same scene:

I think I overworked and killed the effects of the phone flash. I wanted the Apache woman to be kind of scrinching up her nose at this rude easterner using his iPhone to take a photo of her. That way we could say: "Remington Cheated With Photos And We Have The Negatives To Prove It!" The irony being, of course, that hardly anyone uses actual "negatives" anymore. But then, they didn't have iPhones in the Old West either.

"I think you can safely file this one under 'Beating-An-Idea-To-Death'."
—Vincent Van Google

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