Tuesday, August 28, 2007

August 28, 2007
Working on a variety of things. Got a half-decent sunset effect going the other night:

Hutton Steps In It
"Regarding Paul Hutton's comment (blog 8/24) "...a movie star nobody remembers"...??? Paul must be 10 years old, does not go to the movies, does not watch old movies on TV, or he lives in a cave.

"Glenn Ford is much more of a movie star than is Russell Crowe. Glenn Ford made 109 movies, many of which were westerns (The Sacketts) during his career while Russell Crowe has completed 37. Granted Crowe is still alive and still making movies (and he is a fine actor) but he is far behind Ford in cinematic achievements -- Crowe is trailing Ford by 72 movies! Crowe is a fine actor but the cover is very well done, and spotlights the actors appropriately.

"Ford received a special tribute at The 79th Annual Academy Awards (2007). He had the fastest draw among other actors in Western movies -- 0.4 seconds from drawing to firing -- faster than James Arness (Paul, James Arness played Matt Dillon on "Gunsmoke) and John Wayne (Paul, please don't tell me you don't know who the 'Duke' is or I'll go out and hang myself in frustration) -- both of whom were fast draws.

"Glenn Ford was inducted into the Hall of Fame of Great Western Performers at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in 1978.

"He also severed his civic duty. He was a Marine during WW II and served in Vietnam as a reserve officer. Glenn even went on jungle missions with a Special Forces Team. Later, at the age of 50 Ford volunteered to serve for three months as a liaison officer attached to the Marines in Vietnam -- with the rank of Colonel and was under enemy fire several times.

"'...a movie star nobody remembers'...??? Such a thought pains me such that I think I'll go bang my head on the wall!"
—Ben C.

“I guess my name is nobody since I not only remember Mr. Ford but revere his work and was sorry to see his passing. These fellows today have a long way to go to come up to his level,and also Richard Widmark, William Holden, Randolph Scott and Joel McCrea.”
—James "nobody" Trumbo.

"I can't believe Paul Hutton saying Glenn Ford is a movie star nobody remembers. I sure remember Ford - and so do a hell of a lot of others, who not only grew up watching Ford's movies, but younger fans who see him all the time on TCM, AMC, and the other Cable Movie Channels we have today. I'll sure remember Glenn Ford - a whole lot longer than I'll ever remember Russell Crowe when he fades away."
—Steve Lodge

American Idle Hat Heads
“You really need a Searsucker suit to go with that Superfina hat. you might even pass for a southern senator.”
—Gus Walker

What a clever and creative way to say I look like Huey Long.

"#4 gets my vote for best hat too, looks like the right one to wear on a deck drinking your favorite delicious cold beverage. (A magazine editor /publisher once told me you need to spend a lot of time on a deck drinking your favorite delicious cold beverage.) Why argue?

"After spending way too much time as a gd graphic designer (as a printer I know ALWAYS calls any graphic designer, sometimes he just says gd squared) over the last 24 years, I laughed out loud reading yesterday's quote, and have passed it on to many today."
—Ray Geier, Ardent Design

"Guns dont kill people, people with mustaches kill people"
—"Minnesota" Mike Melrose


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