Thursday, August 30, 2007

August 30, 2007
Several have commented about my posting the hat photos on the blog (the Huasso with the "sissie string" being the most prominent). Here's a good example:

"First let me say it takes guts to wear a hat and wearing one you think makes you look silly, in front of your constiuency is just plain brave. I'm suggesting that a more somber countenance (and softer lighting) would have made you look better, even in the geometric number."
—Larry Murphy

My favorite comment was the one that said the Huasso made me look like a cross between Little Red Riding Hood and Wyatt Earp. Ha.

Here's the happy ending to the story. Kathy went to Home Depot last weekend and found these hat hooks and we put them up around our bedroom, and put all the hats she bought on them (plus I included a couple of my prized hats from the studio), creating a veritable hat museum. Here is a panorama photo of the view I wake up to every morning:

"You can often judge a man by the hats he doesn't wear."
—Old Vaquero Saying

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