Friday, August 24, 2007

August 24, 2007 Bonus Blog
I got this from Gus Walker this afternoon:

Handcar Handicap
"In that True West Moment that's running on the Westerns Channel right now, after you jump on the handcar and yell yee-haw and go off camera there is a pause and then some kind of wha hoo yell. did you fall off the handcar or what?"
—Gus Walker

No, I didn't fall off, but it was a scary stunt, because the handcar had a step-brake lever right in the middle of where I had to jump. We asked the two pretty girls pumping the handcar to really get going and I would catch up to the camera, mounted on a golf cart, and leap onto the moving handcar. And if I missed the jump by a couple inches I would land on that brake and probably go head first off the other side. For a sixty-year-old guy, this wasn't easy, but I made it, and I think the extra Wha Hoo! was half a reaction to actually making it. Ha.

"Ads are like children. Some turn out good. Others bad. But they're all fun to make."
—an ad for The Creative Circus, an ad agency in Atlanta, Georgia

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