Friday, August 17, 2007

August 17, 2007
Long one yesterday, digging out from ten days away. Robert Ray gave me a ride down to the airport at 5:30. Got my Ranger out of longterm parking at terminal two ($88 cash), then fought my way home in rush hour. Stopped at Bashas' in Carefree and bought groceries ($52-something, house account) and got home at eight, then did my six sketches for the day, thereby finishing another sketchbook (June 11 to August 16).

Lots of emails and phone calls worried about my son Thomas, who is in Peru where the earthquake hit. Here is an email from him:

“I was in Lima stopped in traffic on a mini-bus when the quake hit. We thought it was the driver being a douche with a little brake/gas action but then we saw everyone running out of their houses. Kind of a long day and to make matters worse got bit by a dog on the walk up the hill to my house. It didnt go throught my jeans but there is a mark. I’ve got the right mind to kill that dog right now. Peace Corps is going to mobilize the volunteers already in the field in Peru to go help out in Ica. Tomorrow’s a BBQ at the training center, next weeks a rap up and the swearing in ceremony and then Im off to site for good.”

And Speaking of Which:
"Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed your blog notes from Nicaragua and Guatemala. Sounds like things haven't changed all that much since when I was there in the 70's. I'd like to see your drawing of the jack mule. I had a great riding mule when I was in the Peace Corps in Honduras. Old 'Jack', who all my neighbors called 'Yak', was a great old character, and he established the inherent nobility and intelligence of all mules in my mind. I thought about your son today with the news of the quake in Peru. Since he is out in his host site, I'm sure he missed all the excitement.

"Here's some mule-related wisdom from Central America:

"Una piedra en el camino
Me enseno que mi destino
Era rodar y rodar.
Despues me dijo un arriero
Que no hay llegar primero
Solo hay a saber llegar."

(A stone in the road told me my destiny, which was to roll and roll. Later, a mule driver told me: You don't have to get there first. Just know how to get there.)
—Maggie McQuaid

Well, Maggie, here you go:

I really enjoyed the clouds in Central America. They seem so much closer and whispy than here in the north (left). And here's the big mule at the Filadelfia Coffee Plantation I sketched (above, right). We had a great room at the Cloister in Antigua, Guatemala for three nights and I sketched the objects and windows in the room (a perfect way to achieve my sketches without leaving the bed. Ha.) And here's another sketch of the volcano above Finca Filadelfia (Antigua is ringed by three volcanoes, one of them active!). Below, is a sketch I did looking out the door of the Textile Museum in Antigua. It captures a Mitsubishi unloading goods on a side street:

Later, that same day Kathy found a great shop north of our hotel and they had an entire wall of masks. While she shopped I sat down and quickly sketched my favorite ones. I almost bought the one at lower left, to put in my office. I loved the crazed eyes and tongue, thinking it would make anyone laugh who came into my office, but ultimately, I passed because I bought a machete instead! More on that later. They had a book on Diego Rivera in the hotel living room and I spent a couple nights reading about Mexico's most famouse muralist. I also sketched the table stand with our Chilean wine on it. Notice how the shape of the portable stand, mimicks the shape of the adobes at top.

First Classic Gunfights, Volume III Book Signing Set
“Yes, we're on for Saturday, August 25th at 2:00 PM. for BBB to come in for a book signing. The event is listed on our website and will appear several times next week in the Arizona Republic. Laura Holka, producer of the Pat McMahon Show indicated they are trying to set up an interview next week. I'm still working on a Republic interview.”
—Larry Siegel, Community Relations Manager
Barnes & Noble, 10500 N. 90th Street
Scottsdale, AZ 85258

"Think continually about the things you really want, and refuse to think about the things you don't want."
—Brian Tracy

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