Friday, October 12, 2007

October 12, 2007 Bonus Bonus Blog
Deena Bell just dropped by the True West offices, after giving all day consultations for 401(k) plans at Desert Mountain, which is up the road east of Carefree. She is in town all this week and loving it, because she is literally on the road every week. Last week she was in upstate New York, hitting six different towns and flying home out of Newark, New Jersey. The week before she was in Coldwater, Michigan and the week before that in Chicago Heights and the week before in Terre Haute, Indiana.

She is a bonified road warrior.

Brad Pitt Cooks His Own Goose?
"I asked a major film critic this afternoon—just e'd him out of the blue. He replied that Warner Brothers fought Brad Pitt over length and lost, and his 'guess' is that now they're punishing him by releasing it in 'dribs and drabs.'

"Hmm, passive-aggressive behavior, the engine that powers most marriages.

"I will say though, that nobody ever got criticized for making a shorter movie, and star or director driven projects often suffer because they want to keep everything in. The hardest thing for writers learn is that you have to kill off your 'little darlings.' I forget who came up with that figure of speech to describe all the cutesy stuff, the garlands, the baubles, that writers want in and good editors take out."
—Dan Buck

"Never let the urgent crowd out the important."
—Kelly Catlin Walker

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