Tuesday, October 30, 2007

October 30, 2007
Didn't get a newspaper this morning. Hmmmmmm.

"Please knock off the Swami stuff. It may give you inner piece, but it is scaring your friends."

The irony is I haven't even received the Swami book from Amazon yet. The regimen I talked about yesterday I basically patched together from odd reference points (the washing the face comes from the best-selling-book, Eat, Pray Love which I didn't read, but Kathy did and read that passage out loud to me).

My problem is consistency, and sustaining gains. Yesterday I got up at five, hit the ground running, did some pretty decent sketches, got to work early and accomplished some important stuff on the magazine. This morning I woke up at 5:20, slacked around and didn't get up until six. However, after my bike ride I did go for a long walk with Kathy, so I did some good things today that I didn't do yesterday. The problem is doing enough of the same things every day. In an ideal world, here is my version of the ideal Swami Regimen:

• Up at four

• Wash face

• Exercise for 40 mintues, or swim laps in ice cold pool (when I don't want to get in 50 degree water, think of the people on the Titantic who had to get in 33 degree water)

• Wash face again to get off chlorine

• Write a scene for Mickey Free

• Draw six sketches for Top Secret Project

• Drink water, have a carrot (Right.)

• Skip into the office and give everyone hugs

• Work until 7:30 PM and go home skipping all the way

• Watch a classic movie and take notes

• Entertain 72 virgins

Or, something like that.

"Make it a great day. Do the difficult work that will get things accomplished, and enjoy the anticipation of the good things that will come when you're finished."
—Ralph Marston

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