Tuesday, October 02, 2007

October 2, 2007 Bonus Bonus Bonus Blog
The search capabilities of the web are just mind blowing. Mark Boardman (it's his birthday today and second anniversary of working at True West), Meghan Saar, Jason Strykowski and I took a working lunch at El Encanto to discuss upcoming editorial ($30 plus tip, TW account). In addition to upcoming cover strories and new departments we talked at length about the Coen brother's forthcoming film No Country For Old Men which is due out in November.

My comment was that I have read Cormac McCarthy's book, which the movie is based on, and that the ending is problematic (Okay, I said it really sucked) and I have my doubts about whether they can save it. Both Meghan and Jason spoke highly of the Coen brother's ability to pull things off and I said, "You obviously haven't seen Hudsucker Proxy."

So, when we came back from lunch, Meghan went online and found the script for No Country For Old Men and forwarded it to me and I read the opening and the ending (this draft is from 2005 and it's probably not the final, but still!). Well, it's masterful, and I could hear Tommy Lee Jones so clear it wasn't even funny. It's basically the same ending as the book, but somehow, someway, those Minnesota Bastards pulled it off. It reads really, really good.

If you don't believe me, Google it.

"Okay, we will."
—People with computers

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