Wednesday, October 17, 2007

October 18, 2007
Much cooler out in the mornings. Ran across three coyotes on the bike ride. Buddy Boze Hatkiller runs among them with his tail wagging and they snarl and snip at him (he's got the hind end scars to prove it). Amazing how dumb luck plays in survival. Until it runs out of course.

Speaking of dumb luck and running out of it, my email conversations with writer Dan Buck (see below), got me to thinking about the endless cycle in Tinseltown:

Hollywood Ending
You are miserable and unfulfilled. People think you are a loser. You lock yourself away and work on a project that will prove everyone wrong. It fails. You try again and it fails again. So does your marriage. But you are stubborn and you keep at it and lo and behold, your umpteenth project hits the jackpot, but unfortunately you gave away the rights cheaply because of child support needs and now you want to repeat the jackpot part in order to cash in and to prove it wasn't a fluke. You fail at that, but you have connections now and you get a dogbone assignment to write something tawdry, but it pays boatloads of money. Now you are fat, rich and jaded and you wish you were as happy as you were when you were first starting out. You are miserable and unfulfilled.

The End.

Jesse James Sputtering Off To Respectability?
"Domestic total for TAJJBTCRF is $1,404,225.00 which is not terrible for three cities, 163 theatres, and twenty-four days. Movie is two hours, forty minutes long. Budget was $30 M. I think it will be an earner and an award winner."
—Alan Huffines

Working on white space and specific faces, this one Powhattan Clark (the tall guy, below, left) and two very unhappy Apache lovers behind him. More white space attempts, and design

"The good is the greatest rival of the best."
—Nellie L. McClung

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