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October 17, 2007 Bonus Bonus Bonus Bonus Blog
A month or so ago I was doing a book signing at Barnes & Noble in Scottsdale and gave a talk beforehand to talk about the gunfights in my latest book, Classic Gunfights, Volume III. One of the stories I told was the story of the Apache Kid's escape, and how one of the Apache prisoners grabbed Hunkydory Holme's Winchester and ran up to shoot Eugene Middleton, the stage driver, in the face (he survived). But, as I was describing this, I said, for dramatic impact, "Imagine a guy with a thirty-thirty shooting at you from ten feet away and hitting you in the face."

I finished my talk and asked if there were any questions. A guy in the back raises his hand. He's an outdoor type, husky, farmer's tan. He says, "Hey, Boze, could you explain to me how an Apache could shoot someone in 1888 with a rifle that wasn't created until the 1890s?"

Well, we all laughed and I cringed, to say the least. As I drove home with a head the size of a shrunken pea, I made a mental note to myself: "Do not, I repeat, DO NOT use gun references in the future when speaking."

Unfortunately, I should have expanded that mental referendum to include the written word:

Bisley Unwisely?
“Bob, in your new ad for Mickey Free in the current issue of True West, Remington says, 'In 1888, I met a most unusual character at San Carlos… He rode a Mammoth Jack, 18-hands high, And he carried a long-barreled Sharps, a BISLEY COLT....'

"Friend Bob, the Colt Bisley model was produced between 1894-1915. Is Remington writing about seeing him in 1888 or later (after 1894)?"
—Richard Ignarski

You see, Remington saw Mickey Free in 1888, but when he was writing up his memories of the events, it was in 1896 and he misremembered what Free was carrying.

At least that would be my defense if I was a flaky liar. Instead I'm just flaky, and didn't know Jack about the dates of the Bisley, just liked the name and thought it would be a cool weapon for Mickey to carry.

"Note to self: 'Don't do specific gun stuff without talking to the experts. Better yet, don't even mention gun specifics—'he had a long-barreled pistol'."

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