Monday, October 15, 2007

October 15, 2007 Bonus Blog
As promised, here are two photos from the Bison Museum opening on Saturday. The first was taken in the museum and shows Marshall Trimble (at left in red), Scottsdale Mayor Mary Manross (in saddle), U.S. Senator Jon Kyl and me squatting and spitting:

After the tour of the museum we went outside for the ribbon cutting. Cutting with fake, plastic scissors, left to right: former Dalllas Cowboys quarterback Danny White, BBB, Senator Jon Kyl, Mayor Manross, Marshall Trimble and Gary Martinson (the owner of the museum):

Thanks to Larry Manross (Mary's husband) for sending me the pics.

"There are times when life surpises one, and anything may happen, even what one had hoped for."
—Ellen Glasgow

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