Saturday, October 13, 2007

October 13, 2007
Just got back from the ribbon cutting at The Bison Museum down in Scottsdale. I was on the dignitary platform with the mayor of Scottsdale, Mary Manross; Senator John Kyl; former Dallas Cowboy Danny White; and our own Marshall Trimble. Actually participated in the ribbon cutting (a first for me). Also ran into Scottsdale Councilwoman Betty Drake. She and I go way back to Razz Revue days when we were both budding cartoonists. She ended up as an environmentalist and activist who got herself elected to a very controversial post, and I paid $350,000 to have an outlet to publish my stuff. Somehow I think we both made out like bandits. She looked great by the way. We both hung out nude on the Recession Artists' River Trip down the Grand Canyon in 1982. The group, formed by artist Meryl Mahaffey, just had their (our) 25th anniversary get together last week, but I didn't go. Had some conflicting event.

Came back out to Cave Creek at 11 and ran into a massive traffic jam in front of our offices. It's the Cactus Shadows' High School Homecoming Parade, which came off at ten, but evidently there are still events going on. Pulled out of line and came in the office to check my email and write this up.

Had dinner last night down at Keg Steakhouse with Kathy, Wonderful Russ and his wife Wendy. Had the mahi tuna special ($60, plus $12 tip, Sue account). Fun time. Ran into Karen Bell (no relation) and her very attractive children and grandchildren. She's moving to Montana. Deena was also there and met her boyfriend Frank in the bar. We had drinks before dinner and chatted up the other Bells and Frank.

"There are two people you have to be true to—those people who came before you and those people who come after you."
—Gayl Jones

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