Monday, October 29, 2007

October 28, 2007
Got waterfalls on the brain. Not as easy as I thought (but then, what is?):

Speaking of waterfalls:

The Highest Falls?
"Angel Falls in Venezuela is the wold's tallest waterfall, at 3,212 feet. It's located in the state of Bolivar, hence perhaps the confusion with Bolivia.

"The falls is named after James 'Jimmie' Crawford Angel, a Missouri-born WWI avaitor,soldier of fortune, prospector, and bush pilot, who is generally credited as being the first to spot the falls -- in 1933 -- and report it to the waterfall-discovery authorities. Actually, he logged it in his flight book: 'I found myself a waterfall.' Not quite 'One giant waterfall for mankind,' but it'll do.

"Others claimed to have seen the cascade first, but Angel put his name on it. Source: "The Angel Falls Discovery Jangle," Daniel Buck, SOUTH AMERICAN EXPLORER, May 1995."
—Dan Buck

Beautiful day, although we broke a record for the highest temperature this late in the year (97). Went on two bike rides, took a nap. Stayed home and pretended every day would be like today (part of my sabatical fantasy). Ha.

Watched the Alfred Hitchcock classic Dial M For Murder. I had never seen it (my Netflix fix). Quite clever and fun. Enjoyed it

"You can fool too many of the people too much of the time."
— James Thurber

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