Friday, October 19, 2007

October 19, 2007
Taking off today for Kingman. Big Beale Days celebration tomorrow. Going to ride in the parade and then talk about Lt. Beale, poaching directly from Paul Andrew Hutton's excellent piece on the Beale Camel Campaign in the 1850s. The parade will take place on Beale Street in downtown Kingman.

Last night, Joel Klasky and I manned a True West table down at Scottsdale Main Street Artwalk Night. Tons of people, many Cowboy Artist celebrities walking the streets. Beautiful night. Legendary Joe Bethencourt played music next to us and I really enjoyed his music. It's funny, Joe has been a musical fixture in the Valley for over 40 years and yet I had never met him until last night. He played some cool oldstyle Arizona songs, like "Glory Trail", AKA "High Chin Bob." Here's a sample lyric:

"And now I know beyond a doubt the heroes I have read about are only fools who stuck it out, until the end of mortal breath."
—Charles Badger Clark

Now that is one fantastic lyric, no? Joe also got off a couple funny quips. Like this one:

"If it wasn't for the cows they'd just be boys."
—Joe Bethencourt

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