Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December 16, 2009
Warmer out this morning. Went for a walk with Peaches at about 7:30. Stunning sunrise over Ratcliff Ridge:

Looking the other way, I also got some shots of the nice sunlit craigs up on Elephant Butte and Fortification Rock:

Yes, we've got several for sales signs on our road. Not much movement in this market.

At our annual True West Christmas Party last Saturday night we had a White Elephant gift exchange and although Sheri Riley got George Carlin's last book (literally) Last Words edited by Tony Hendra (personal friend of Dan's). I had my eyes on it and when it was my turn I took it away from her. Been reading it with much interest. I am a fan, saw him in concert at the University of Arizona in 1974. In my book he was a very funny, courageous standup guy:

Riffing on an early character The Indian Sergeant: "All right, tall guys over by the trees, fat guys down behind the rocks and you with the beads—get outta line! Boy, there's one in every village."

"Now, a lot of youse guys have been asking me about promotions. You'd like to make Brave second class. Get another scar up on your arm. Well, the results of your tests have come in and youse doin' beautifully. 'Burning Settlers' Homes,' everybody passed. 'Imitating a Coyote,' everybody passed. 'Sneaking Quietly Through the Woods,' everybody passed, except Limping Ox. However, Limping Ox is being fitted with a pair of corrective moccasins. . ."

"Okay, uniform: This is a FORMAL massacre. You want your Class A summer loincloth. Two green stripes over the eye, no feather. Arms are blue, legs are red, chest is optional. What's that Prancing Antelope? No, you can't put any purple on your eyelids. Hey, ain't you the one with the beads? I told youse—get outta line!"

On Standup Competition: "It's like gunfighting, the Old West. New guy in town. Might be faster than you."

On his heart attacks: "I have looked death in the face. And found it wanting."

On Hippie Beards vs. Old West Beards: "The word 'beard' shakes a lot of people up. Not American sounding. BEE-AR-D! Lenin had a beard! Gabby Hayes had. . .WHISKERS!"

On His Transformation From Straight to Hipster: "I always had long hair—only I used to keep it inside my head."

On Left-Wing Assasins' Aim: "Why is it, by the way, that the right-wing guys assasins have tried to shoot survived? Like Wallace and Reagan? Don't we have any marksmen on our side?"

His "Lace Irish" mother, Mary "referred to Jews as 'Norwegians.' The code between her and her sister, Agnes, was: 'Ag, couple of Norwegians on the bus.'"

Ironically, he last did "The Seven Words You Can't Say On Television" in 1992 because, as he admits, you now can say them on television (he did the bit on HBO).

"You must speak straight so that your words may go as sunlight to our hearts."

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