Saturday, December 19, 2009

December 19, 2009
Got a raft of Birthday greetings from around the world, literally. Frederic Nolan sent me a cool email card. Kathy gave me four cards, hidden, like Easter eggs, around the house (one on this computer). The Top Secret Writer congratulated me for "crawling to another B-Day." Then he added this:

"Speaking of age my morning paper obits inform us that Gene Barry --Bat Masterson--and Jennifer Jones --Duel In The Sun--have died. Both were 90."
—Paul Hutton

You get your news late over there don't you? Both died last week. The guy who I'm mourning today is Dan O'Bannon, who wrote Alien and The Return of The Living Dead. He was born three months before me, September 30, 1946. And no, he didn't return—from the dead.


And speaking of the return of the dead I have been inspired by my birthday walking (Carole Glenn gifted me a pedometer to gauge my daily walking: I'm up to 2,464 steps today. Need to log 10,000 to be healthy), on my morning walk with Peaches I got the inspiration to do One Page Wonders (the wonder being, do they work?). This would be snippets of graphic novel ideas, a page at a time. This plays to my scattered mind, and allows me to get some of these characters out of my head and down on paper. Roughs to follow.

Not a new idea certainly, but then ol' Chaucer has something groovy to say about that:

"Out of old fields comes all the new corn."
—Geoffrey Chaucer

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