Friday, December 18, 2009

December 18, 2009
Deena Bell was on ABC 15 news last night. A report on DUIs by Christina Boomer featured my daughter taking a breathalyzer test. Hope she doesn't do jail time. Ha. Here's the link to the story: Breathalyzers.

Click on the link (with the video camera logo): Company offers Scottsdale club-goers free breathalyzers.

Speaking of Deena Bean, she took this photo on my birthday in 2006 in Cerocahi (sp?), Mexico. I have it framed in my office and often look at it with quiet admiration. It contains the elements of Mexico that me and my family love:

Look down the street between the two horses and you'll see a pack donkey tied to a post outside a tienda. Very peaceful and serene. Great shot number one daughter!

Drove into the Beast today and had lunch with Jim Larkin of Village Media (he and Mike Lacey own the Village Voice and bunch of other alternative weeklies, including New Times where I worked for ten years). Fun talking with Jim and catching up on family and friends. Ran into Hippie George at Manuel's, as well. He's the old Cave Creek. George is in the adobe biz and built my tractor garage and several of the outlying walls.

UPS just delivered a big frozen batch of buffalo meat here at True West from The Buffalo Guys (they won our Best of the West this year). It's for my birthday tomorrow. Kathy is making chicken fried buffalo steaks for me. Check out the boys at

Lew Jones, of Mineshaft fame, just came into the office and asked me if he could come over and work on the '49 Ford. Of course. I asked him how things are in Mogollon, NM, and he said, "Quiet. Just like I like it."

Speaking of cool cars, last Friday a subscriber, John Copsey, came by with his cherry 1956 Ford. I took a photo of him and his friend from Idaho (that's him walking up in the background):

After my lunch with Larkin, I drove over to Dan The Man's studio and we jammed on the train cover, going over ideas on how to really make it pop. I'm working up a painting for the bottom, but we may utilize Photoshop and cannibalize old photos for artistic effect. Kind of exciting. Love this kind of stuff.

"The problem with some people is that when they aren't drunk, they're sober."
—William Butler Yeats

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