Tuesday, December 08, 2009

December 8, 2009
Nice day in the office. Went home for lunch and took Peaches on a walk down to the creek. Really running. Nippy out. Felt good to stretch it out.

Worked on a presentation for tomorrow. Trish Brink, Joe Freedman and myself are traveling down into Scottsdale to make a presentation to the Oldtown Scottsdale Group. Utilizing our 100 cover powerpoint slideshow. Really getting some mileage out of that little program.

Also did a quick study of The Apache Kid using red and black ink pens:

Trying to capture that killer eyeball, yet somehow retain a sympathetic look. After all the Kid tried to do the right thing and in spite of all the crap thrown against him, he survived against all the odds. And, when you read our version, he gets the girl.

"History is an argument without end."
—Pieter Geyl

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