Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December 23, 2009
Really chilly out this morning. Our porch thermometer says 45 degrees. I realize this is a heatwave to Julie in Wyoming and Bill in Canada, but Man, it's downright debilitating for a desert rat. Ha.

News From The Front Lines
Had an interesting report from Carole yesterday. A woman named Rebecca Markey from West Lawn, Pennsylvania called saying she saw me on the Westerns Channel doing a True West Moment and in it I mentioned that you could read more about something in True West magazine. I'm not exactly sure which segment this was, but Rebecca had never heard of us and started looking. She doesn't have a computer, but she somehow tracked us down, called and ordered a subscription. Oh, the power of TV.

It was last year about this time that I was obsessed with snow painting and did a series for my El Kid graphic cinema piece:

Not too shabby. Here's another one to get you in the mood for a cold ride:

For Christmas, Meghan Saar gave me a Billy the Kid pistol-knife combo and Carole Glenn gave me The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer, a retelling by Peter Ackroyd, and, she got me the 2-disc Special Editon of Inglorious Basterds, the film by Quentin Tarantino. We saw ads for the Spanish version in Argentina last September:

Leaving the office early to go get Kathy some soup for lunch (she's off today wrapping presents and getting ready for tomorrow night).

"The simplest definition of art is a true lie."
—Kelsey Grammer, in Esquire magazine

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