Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December 29, 2009
Back from the Grand Canyon. It was Kathy's gift to me, and our family spent two days at the South Rim in Yavapai Lodge. Lots of snow and ice and a blustery northern Arizona patented wind that went right through every layer of clothing we had on, but, amazingly, it was invigorating. We drove out to several lookout points west of El Tovar, for sunrise yesterday morning (7:38) and watched a dull red skyline mush out.

Prior to leaving for the canyon, I got some intestinal bug and we delayed leaving on Saturday for several hours. Finally took off at about 10:30 and made it to Mund's Park (just barely) where I jumped the line in the Texaco Mini-Mart and raked the pipes with X-mas Cheer. When I came out, Kathy said I looked green and the attendant said to me as I put a jug of Gator-Aid on the counter: "I want to shake your hand. I take the magazine and you are the only reason I subscribe to the Arizona Republic." Of course, I was flattered, and I did shake his hand, but I couldn't help but imagine him hugging his home toilet that evening while muttering to his wife, "That damn contagious green Bastard gave me the Grumbling Garfullitess." (as my father creatively called it)

Believe it or not, it actually got worse when we got to Flag and I'll spare you the details of my attempt to eat soup at a deli and the subsequent egress of said liquid from the vicinity of my upper body. However, the rest of the trip was a dream come true. Lots of laughs, long walks and life solving. My kind of trip. Thanks Kath!

Backing up a bit, had a nice day working in the studio for part of Christmas Day. Finished this closeup of Al Sieber, talking to Mickey Free ("Follow the Bi-jahn, Mick."):

I love his left eyeball. Not sure how I got that subtle of an effect, but there it is. Also worked on a POV of Beauty:

A little too harsh of a look for Beauty, but I like the angle. Meanwhile, I'm still producing patina paintings galore (did 50 on Christmas Eve!):

"Throw up in the morning, clean up in the afternoon."
—Ray Bradbury's advice to young writers

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