Thursday, December 03, 2009

December 3, 2009
Last minute typo flurries. For example, I emailed Marshall Trimble after lunch thanking him for all his help on the Edward Cross vs. Sylvester Mowry gunfight. I also told him we gave his book a plug:

Recommended: Arizona: A Panoramic History of a Frontier State by Marshall Trimble, published by Doubleday and Company

Got this email back at 2:30 (a half-hour before the magazine goes out the door to Kansas City):

"Thanks for the plug but that book went out of print in 1988. LOL The more recent one and still in print is: Arizona: A Cavalcade of History."

I ran over to production (19 feet from my desk) and told Meghan. She and Robert Ray were tweaking the final pages. Have the Classic Gunfight pages been pdf'd? Yes. "Does Marshall's new book have the gunfight in it?" came the calm voice of the Lioness.

I called Marshall at Scottsdale Community College where he teaches history. "Let's see, I'll look up Mowry in the index. . .and. . .there is only one paragraph on him and nothing on the fight." Thanks Marsh, we'll see you at the Christmas party next week.

I ran back into production. "Leave it as is, our intrepid readers will have to go to Guidon Books and find an original copy." And so, this is how it goes, bit by bit, detail by detail, another issue, going, going, out the door.

Meanwhile, we have been getting some cool writeups across the country. Here are just a couple:

Trent Johnson wins Best of the West hatmaker.

We love the gals over at Double D Doubletalk and it appears the feeling is mutual.

"Every absurdity has a champion who will defend it."
—Old Vaquero Saying

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