Thursday, August 02, 2012

A Bridge Too Far?

July 31, 2012

   AC went out in the studio yesterday. Got to work early at five this morning, but it was already 85. Gutted it out and finished a Gila River flood painting for out Outrageous Arizona coverage.

This is the 1885 flood that marooned the Old Pueblo legislators from getting to the state capital in Prescott in a timely manner (they had to go to Los Angeles on the Southern Pacific, then back to Kingman and Ashfork and down to Prescott that way). They arrived several days too late and lost out on all the pork (they wanted the insane asylum but got the university instead). Had some very good photo reference of early day floods in Arizona. Tempted to call this:

• A Bridge Under Troubled Water

Got a dash warning on my new Ford Flex saying "tire pressure low". This happened last Saturday during a rain storm, coming back from Grandma Betty's, but the tires still look fine. Checked them several times and trying to determine if the warning is a fluke, or if I've picked up a nail. Got Eric from 24-Hour-Car-Care coming to the office this morning. Meeting the AC guy at the house at noon. Tommy and Pattarapan are coming out this afternoon in a rental truck, hauling all there stuff back to Maryland. T. is going to grad school there.

"It's always something."

—Emily Litella, Gilda Radner character on Saturday Night Live