Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Weekend Warriors

August 27, 2012

   Had a very nice weekend at home. Having trouble with my laptop in the studio. Won't let me post photos. Keeps grinding. Hate that. Time to blow another grand. Ha.

   Started ten studies, finished four and ruined one. Here's the first one I finished, "The Lonely Bull".

Yes, named for one of my favorite songs of the sixties. I also especially liked "The Lonely Sea," also an instrumental. Must have worn that 45 out by playing it over and OVER. I know what you're thinking: this is some really lonely bull. Ha.

Meanwhile, Mickey Free is always on my mind. This is a better scan of the scene of him ambling through the burning landscape on his ashen covered ass, Tu:

And here's a rain storm in Zion, Utah executed with F&G (flooding and gravity).

Big meeting this morning to go over 2013 issues. Dan The Man Harshberger came out and essentially saved the day (or, at least saved me and Ken from arguing for the rest of the day).

Had a rough morning before I went into work. Peckasso, the teenage mutant ninja rooster got out of the fence and into the high desert. Scrambled NORAD style into the desert and banked into palo verdes to the north of him, threw rocks and ping-ponged him back into the hole in the fence and back into the yard. Called my my chicken-farming compadre Tom Aughterton, and told him we needed a solution for the boy. I've got Olga the cleaning lady coming tomorrow and I need him gone. Tom is shopping for a chicken coop and I told him, "I don't care what it costs, I'm buying the digs for that little hen clucker."

Of course, when I went home for lunch today, I spied this clucker of a cloud near Grapevine Wash. An omen? A curse? A ridiculous way to spend my lunch hour? I'll let you decide.

"Why did the chicken cross the sky? To get to the other side."

—Old Vaquero Joke