Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Classic Arizona Photography?

August 28, 2012

  Paul Hutton sent me an eBay listing for an old photograph that says "Arizona Camp." Sometimes old photos can be so exasperating. You see them, they scream out for clarification but all the photo says is Arizona Camp. No date, no context, no ID.

It looks like it's 1870s by the clothes, perhaps in the Sonoita area (trees and grass in background). For grins I sent this to photo expert Jeremy Rowe and got back this reply immediately:

"It is a view of either the Aztec or adjacent Tyndal mining works in the Santa Rita Mountains, likely  taken by Enoch Conklin or a companion photographer for the Continent Stereoscopic Company. It was probably taken in December 1877 and likely shows several members of the excursion party that traveled from Yuma, in addition to the locals. It was heavily copied and pirated during that era and appears on a number of different mounts, including the original Continent imprint."

—Jeremy Rowe

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