Sunday, August 05, 2012

Kid Krazy Posse

August 5, 2012

So I'm in the Palace Saloon on Whiskey Row last Saturday and I meet two of the most passionate Billy the Kid afficionados I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Meet my new Kid Krazy posse members, Loca Leenda from New Mexico and Shoot'em Shel from Montana. These two make me proud to be into history.

Actually, talking to them was an eye opener to me. I have met other females who are into the Kid and I always assumed it was a romantic fantasy attraction, the bad boy attraction, the handsome, suave boy outlaw. These two women are as obsessed with Billy as I am but the difference is they don't imagine being his sweetheart, they, well, they feel like they are him, or have been him. It's an extraterrestrial, past lives deal and I can't pretend to understand it, but I finally get it. The bottom line is that the boy bandit still has some powers

I was in Prescott for the Wild West History Association conference and it was a ton of fun as was the History meets Hollywood event put on by Rob Bandhauer at the Hassayampa Inn on Saturday. Michael Blake of Dances With Wolves was there as was the mayor, etc. Lots of stories to tell tomorrow.

"Remember down in Tularosa you bought one. . .Billy why you runnin' so hard?"

—Bob Dylan