Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Texas John Slaughter Redux

August 21, 2102

Back from Durango and the first annual True West Railfest. Had a great time.

   This morning I took another crack at the diminuitive Texas John Slaughter. This time in pen and ink (although it was done on scratchboard, the board was so uncooperative I had to call it a day with the ink as is):

"Practice success and failure amnesia. Forget that you succeeded. Forgive and forget that you failed. Learn from both and move on fast. Failure can be a patient teacher —it's often a learnable event. Success can lead to signal and pattern blindness. The greatest achievers I have met are

 grounded and focused. They practice success amnesia. Achievement is a state of mind. It needs to be practiced, protected and sharpened. Don't let success blind that state of mind or failure bog it down. The faster we forget the twins of success and failure and focus on only creating value the faster the engines of achievement can carry you forward."

 —Shervin Pishevar