Thursday, August 02, 2012

Sinnk of Swim

August 1, 2012

   Thomas Charles and his lovely bride Pattarapan packed up all their worldly goods yesterday and packed it in a Budget Rental truck. Came out last night for one last meal and took off this morning at eight for the east coast and a new life.

Took T. 15 minutes to turn that truck and trailer around in the driveway:

Finished two paintings this morning. One of Diltche talking to an old Mexican sheepherder who told her where she could cross the Colorado River (she couldn't swim):

And here is Diltche crossing at the point the old man told her about, utilzing a sand bar in the turn of the river to make it safely across.

I believe the account mentions that she almost went under (she had to wade into the fast moving stream at some point) but she made it safely across. She then fell in with two other In-din women to help her navigate up the Gila, but they were attacked by Yavapais and the two women were killed. That painting is next.

"Sink or swim."

—Old Vaquero Saying