Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Lone Ranger Update

August 9, 2012

   Over the weekend in Prescott I talked with a crew member on the new Lone Ranger movie and he brought me up to speed on the Monument Valley shoot. According to the grip they had very bad dust storms and couldn't film in John Ford-ville (this after bad forest fires near Creede, Colorado, in June, which dogged their train climax sequence with heavy smoke). So, in a pinch, the production moved to Canyon de Chelly where Johnny Depp had a trailer in the canyon and held court with the Navajos who trekked from across the reservation to see him).

The shoot is supposed to last until the end of this month. They have spent a ton of money on this and I'm rooting for them. I hope it all ends up on the screen as they say in the biz.

"In this business there's a fine line between trying hard and letting go."

—David Duchovny, in Time