Friday, August 31, 2012

Peckasso's New Digs!

August 31, 2012

   Tom Augherton and I went up to C-4 (Cave Creek Coffee Company) this morning at nine for breakfast. I had the half-assed breakfast burrito (as opposed to the big-assed breakfast burrito) and decaf. They have great breakfasts.

   Over my half-assed breakfast burrito I discovered that Tom is getting some flak about taking over joint-custody of Peckasso.

   "I thought Bob loved Peckasso?" Someone in his house mused.

   "Yes, but he needs a little space. It's a lot of responsibility, you know," said Tom.

   "But why, down here? We don't have the space."

   "Come on. Please. We need the fort in the back yard. We promise to clean up the mess. Come on mom!"

   Well, that's not exactly the exchange but close enough to the emotional truth. In the end we are all still little boys trying to build a tree house fort in the back yard and needing permission from the adult in the house.

   At ten we met Daniel Heines and Betsy The Chicken Lady across the street at the old Cracked Crab restaurant, then caravaned out to Tom's house on the creek below our house. From there we unloaded the Creekside Chicken Condo out of Daniel's truck. He built it to Rooster code (extra room for comb and to roam, $150 house account). Here we are getting ready for the unloading.

Left to right: Betsy (a Cave Creek legend), Daniel The Coop Construction Carpenter, and Tom, The Guy In The Dog House. Ha.

More pics to follow.

"Does the name Pavlov ring a bell?"


—Old Vaquero Question