Saturday, August 25, 2012

Monet and Billy's Back

August 24, 2012

   Earlier this week, my production manager Robert Ray was looking for spot illustrations for our book feature in the next issue and he discovered a stash of my scratchboards in a filing cabinet. Most of them were crap, but found one this morning that kind of amazes me. First, a disclaimer: I agree with the below quote. Hardly anything I produce pleases me. I was on a panel several weeks ago and my painting of the Jame Gang taking the whole road on the cover of TW was on the table in front of me and I had to turn it over because I kept looking at it with a critical eye ("Wish I had THAT back!"). So, this quartet of unlikely bedfellows really stunned me, both by the subtlety of facial tone and loosey goosy design and secondly, how I can easily recognize each dude. Can you?


Also found this scratchboard of "Billy's Back," which I seem to remember was inspired by the movie poster for "Unforgiven."

  Summer storms are still churning through Cave Creek. Humid and cloudy this morning. Whipped out another storm study this morning, inspired by the monsoon weather. This is "The Mexicali Stud."

"ninety-five percent of anything is crap."

—Science fiction writer Harlon Ellison responding to the criticism that 95% of science fiction is crap