Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Amy Watts & Thunderbird Thunderheads

August 14, 2012

   When I was in Santa Fe I met talented artist Amy Watts from Georgia, who was also in the Arizona-New Mexico Centennial Art Show at Due West Gallery. Here we are standing in front of her work, and that's my "Digging Up Billy" on the right:

  Finished a sunset study I started last week. Inspired by a sunset I saw at Marv Kaiser's house in Williamson Valley, north of Prescott two weeks ago. I call this Thunderbird Thunderheads:

Had lunch today with Marshall Trimble and Ken Amorosano at Gallo Blanco in the Clarendon Hotel. Someone said this is the hotel where Don Bolles was murdered (in the parking lot), but I don't think that is correct. I think the Clarendon Hotel where he encountered the car bomb was closer to Central Avenue, which is about a block east of there.

After lunch we went to Channel EIGHT in the Walter Cronkite Building on the downtown ASU campus and watched the final cut of Outrageous Arizona with the head brass of the station. Then went upstairs to Studio 6 to tape a Special Features addition with Marshall and I chatting about the making of the show and the stuff we left out.

Working on a Texas John Slaughter classic gunfight (Chuck Parsons asked me at the WWHA convention if I was running out of gunfights, or just being lazy for rerunning so many old ones. I laughed and admitted "some of it is lazyness, but I've got a ton more I want to do")

"I say, I say. . .aim high, the horses are mine."

—Texas John Slaughter (not really)