Monday, April 25, 2016

Petting A Caterpillar & Drawing Sagauros From Cactusland

April 25, 2016
   Flew back from Seattle this morning and landed in sunshine. The rain in Seattle was more like a vacation to us because we love rain, and Boy, do they get the rain. Here we are out for a walk when we came across a caterpillar crossing the road. "Why don't you pet him?" his mother mused. So, of course Weston did just that:

Weston Petting A Caterpillar

   Of course, when he "petted" the caterpillar, it fuzzed up and scared him, but that was cool as well.

   We also got in some drawing time on his play room easel. So, in tandem, we drew a pretty good saguaro. The arm flailing out to the right is Weston's and I must say it gives the drawing a much needed balance.

Weston and BBB Daily Whip Out: "Saguaro In Cactusland"

  We were in Seattle for three days and had some wet fun. Here we are at the breakfast nook this morning having our last breakfast together before going to the airport.

Mike and Deena, Weston and Grandma Ha ha

"Don't get it right, just get it written."
—James Thurber

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