Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Every Blind Dog Finds an Acorn From Time to Time

October 12, 2016
   Somewhere I have a great photo of the New Times staff taken in about 1979 and I can't find it. However, I did find a couple other gems:

BBB and Apache, my blind Australian Shepherd.

   The high-backed saddle is from my Great-uncle John Guess of Steins Pass, New Mexico and the clock on the mantle is also from his humble home. This photo was taken by Barbara Buros in 1985. During this photo session, she also took another photo on our back porch.

Thomas Charles, at left, Apache, BBB and Deena C. on the back porch.

   This was at our old home at 707 W. MacKenzie in Phoenix. The A-1 sign is off the old Nogales Cafe and the sandblasted window was done by an artist I can't remember. The dog's name is Apache.

"What did you do to deserve those good looking kids?"
—my production manager, Robert Ray, on looking at this photo in the scanner

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