Monday, October 24, 2016

Over Treacherous Trails

October 24, 2016
   I finally broke down and bought the Aaron Sorkin "Master Class" on screenwriting ($90). It's a treasure trove of pertinent information for anyone who has ever attempted to tell a story. The Cliff Notes version: it's all about "intention" and "obstacles" and the competing ideas need to be equal.

   Bonus Random Tidbit: "If it's the place you are attracted to, it's a series, and if the characters die at the end it's a feature."

Mickey Free rode deeper into the burned-out canyons, finally topping out on the narrow trail to Divisidero (the Divide). 

Daily Whip Out: "Over Treacherous Trails."

  The problem was he was no closer to finding the Kid than he was when he crossed the border. Still, he pressed on.

"A horse was just a ride to him, and he went through half a hundred in the next few years."
—"The Kid" by Ron Hansen (page 24)

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