Sunday, June 28, 2020

El Pendejo In Cactusland & Ocotillo Fire Doc Crew

June 28, 2020
   Had fun with a whimsical piece this morning.

Daily Whip Out:
"El Pendejo Wanders Through Cactusland"

   I am working with videographer Bill Watters to produce a documentary on the Ocotillo Fire. Here we are yesterday, interviewing two fire survivors, Fran and Mike Douglas.

   Thankful for good neighbors: Mike & Fran

Another take on Erasing History
   "When people suggest tearing down statues is 'erasing history,' I must point out that there are no statues of Adolf Hitler but his history has not been erased. Point being; historical figures do not need statues in order to be remembered, for better or worse."
—James Mills 


  1. Anonymous6:14 PM

    No US Army Bases in Germany are named after German WWII generals either, are they?

    I never heard of a Fort Rommel, have you?

    There was Fort Apache, but wasn't that in the Bronx? ;)

  2. That is still not a reason to tear down statues!! Yes, many will be remembered, but many will not if we continue to erase history.


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