Thursday, June 11, 2020

Gray Grace & Gratitude

June 11, 2020
   We've been on Mission Beach in San Diego for almost a week now and I finally found someone from my tribe.

   Kathy went to the burn unit today here in San Diego and they treated her well. She is recovering and we are hopeful. Thanks for all the notes of encouragement.

   I am feeling the vibes of the place and I'm embracing the grace.

Triple B From Old AZ Quiz
   What is the one thing you should never say to this woman?

A. Make me some dinner or I'll spank you.
B. Clean this house or it could get rough.
C. I never liked your mother.
D. All of the above.

“Gratitude is heaven itself.”
—William Blake

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  1. I'm so glad Kathy's leg is healing without needing skin grafts, great news. I thought you'd like to see video of the last song that John Prine recorded, called I Remember Everything. Beautiful.


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