Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Shredding Waves And The Future of Not Touching Anything

June 10, 2020
   Day five on the beach and I am shredding waves like crazy.

BBB Shreds Shutter

   Yes, this is a photo I took of kite surfers on Mission Beach during a particularly windy afternoon. Looks tiring, yes? My arms got sore just watching them.

   Some of the local restaurants are finally opening their dining rooms, but there is a Covid-19 twist:

   No, menus. Rather than wipe down each printed menu after diners leave, more and more restaurants are turning to QR-codes which are on each table. You point your phone at it and it takes you to the online menu and you order from your phone. This makes me so damn sad, but I have a hunch it will take hold and many cafes will not go back to the old days.

   And speaking of the old days.

The Triple B Old West Quiz
   When it comes to fighting over women, more men on the frontier were killed by:

A. Jealous husbands
B. Bad whiskey
C. price gouging
D. Massive unchecked egos soaked with testosterone

The correct answer will never be known, but probably D.

"When I started in business I had nothing. I still have most of it."
—Russ Shaw, Jr.

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