Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Mickey Free Meaner, Darker And Even More Cursed

June 18, 2020
   Some wag claims no man has ever successfully cleaned out an attic. Well, I have a similar problem when looking in my art morgue.

Daily Whip Out: "The Apache Kid"

   I was looking for the above Apache Kid Whip Out when I ran across some old Mickey Free panels. It dawned on me, that the Top Secret Writer and myself made a tactical error in attempting to develop the historic character into a fictional character.

Daily Flashback Scratchboard Fix:
"Mickey Free, Meaner, Darker 
And Even More Cursed."

   We were modeling Jeff Chandler doing Cochise in "Broken Arrow" when we should have been channeling Javier Bardem doing Anton Chigurh in "No Country for Old Men."

   And, of course, from there, once I'm in a file, I start to see all these boards that need to be "fixed."

Daily Scratchboard Flashback Fix:
"Four Star Gazer"

   And, I'm sorry, this one just had to get a tweak on the flag and the mule anatomy.

Daily Flashback Whip Out Fix:
"Something In The Road Brought
Mickey's Mule Up Short."

   And all this doesn't even count my other ongoing experiments.

Daily Whip Out: "Gray Light Vaquero"

Still Saguaro Grieving This is a photo of one of my favorite saguaros on the south side of our house.

   Yes, all of those yellow buds are glob chamomile, the invasive grass that elevated the Octotillo Fire's intensity by several notches.

What's left of the side yard saguaro

   And, yes, that is the cave, across the way, that Cave Creek is named for and it burned all the way over to there and then straight up the ridge to the top, where it took off again.

"A society without a grounding in ethics, self-reflection, empathy and beauty is one that has lost its way."

—Brian Rosenberg

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