Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Hometown Heroes

June 9, 2020
   You find out real fast, what a community has in its heart when things go south.

A Cave Creek Morning

   Immediately after the Ocotillo Fire decimated our neighborhood last weekend, the Tumbleweed Motel contacted us and told us we could shelter with them, no questions asked. And then, they put us up for three nights—for free! As in, no charge, whatsoever. And, while we stayed with them, from Saturday night until the mandatory evacuation was lifted at noon on Tuesday, local merchants brought us food and services. Domino's delivered free pizza. Harold's sent down large batches of spaghetti. Target gave us a $40 gift certificate after our daughter ordered us emergency supplies. Many of our neighbors reached out and offered food and services. I cannot speak loudly enough to say how grateful we are to all our neighbors and friends in Cave Creek, Arizona.

   Here is a Channel 12 news report interviewing me at the Tumbleweed.

BBB Interview

   In the fall, when things cool down, we are going to have a thank you celebration for the firefighters and the survivors. Let us know if you want to participate.

"Thank you all! We're thinking about staying another 33 years!"
—BBB and Kathy

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