Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Road Trip Miracles

 July 20, 2022

   The last time Ken Amorosano and I took a road trip together we started a publishing company. That was in 2017 when we took his motorhome to Bishop, California where I was the grand marshal for the annual Bishop Mule Days Parade. The leap of imagination happened just beyond Hope, Arizona where we were going to stop and film a short video bit at Wyatt Earp's campsite on the California side of the Colorado River. Ken wondered if we might make a profit by publishing a new title every year but not going the normal publishing route of doing a run of hardbounds and softbounds and, what if we only concentrated on publishing softbounds? He also felt the distributing companies that marketed to the chains were not fair and that was unprofitable and if we could just sell books thru the magazine and our webiste we might have a chance.

   He was right.

"Prairie Rose Rears at the

Walla Walla Rodeo, 1914"

at the Phippen Art Museum

in Prescott, Arizona

   Today we drove to Prescott and talked to Jeannette at the Phippen Art Museum about doing an art show to support the launch of our next book. It went really well.

"Tombstone Reckoning" by Bill Nebeker
at his fifty year retrospective at the Phippen

   Our problem is we seldom get a chance to actually chat about stuff. True we do a Slack call on Tuesdays and, ocassionally on Wednesdays, to talk about editorial and design issues at True West but on a road trip it gets a little more silly and fun. For one thing we get to let off steam and rib each other and also to to get more existential. The upshot is, it looks like we are going to do a big, fat show at the Phippen in November.

"Say When" by Bill Nebeker

at the Phippen

"Art is not what you see, but what you make the others see."

—Edgar Degas

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