Thursday, July 28, 2022

The Longest Graveyard Revisited

 July 28, 2022

   Working on several fronts, trying to understand a couple others. Crossed a milestone: married to the same woman for 43 years, as of today. Amazing. Feels like it's only been 35.

Death On The Trail

The Oregon Trail has been called the world's longest graveyard. The pioneer immigrants lost their lives to influenza, cholera, severe dysentery, or accidents. They were crushed by wagon wheels, stepped on by oxen or killed when a simple cut turned into a gangrenous infection.

Daily Whip Out: "The Longest Graveyard"

"Passed 7 new-made graves, One had 4 bodies in it—cholera. . . .Another man died. Passed 6 new graves. We have passed 21 new-made graves. . .Made 18 miles. Passed 13 graves today."

—Cecelia Adams, in her 1852 diary

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