Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Sunrise Sunburst Heart Healthy Visions

 July 27, 2022

   Got out on the road at 5:30 this morning for my morning walk with Uno. I just read in a medical journal that if you walk 21 minutes every day you diminish your chance of a heart attack by 30%. So I walked for 25 minutes. As an added benefit, I got to witness this:

Ratcliff Ridge at Sunrise

   And, of course, as I walked up Old Stage Road, it got even more ridiculous.

Ratcliff Ridge with Sunburst Sunrise

The Roundup Continues

   Still finding illustrations for the Legends part of the Women's book, like this one I did for Coors beer back in 1990.

Daily Whip Out: "Lariat Lil'"

   Not to mention, these nice little quads:

Daily Scatchboard Whip Outs:

"Quad Women Axe"

Daily Scatchboard Whip Outs:

"Quad Babes"

   And, finally, I think my fellow cartoonist, Sipress, nails our current malaise, perfectly in this New Yorker cartoon.

   One of the things I was most impressed with in Muskogee last weekend was the volunteerism of the locals. Just loads of people giving their time and effort to make their coumunity better. This is a photo of the photographer who volunteered to take photos of the three day event.

Kelvin Brown Photographer Extraordinaire

"Heroes are not giant statues framed against a red sky. They are people who say, 'This is my community and it's my responsibility to make it better."

—Studs Terkel

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