Sunday, July 17, 2022

The Clean Sweep And The Recalibration of the Women's Book

 July 17, 2022

   There is a point in every book project I have done where things start to go sideways. While it's true, new ideas and creative bursts of energy initially lead to a wider and perhaps richer product, there is also a very strong and pervasive tendency to get distracted from the main goal and wander off the trail and get lost in the weeds. This is exactly where we are with the Women's book, as the boys call it around here.

   Meanwhile, got out on the road early and caught this serene scene. Helped clear my head.

The Long And Sort of Winding Road

And then I caught this in the side yard

   Of course, this is all distracting, so, one of the small things I do when I get bogged down like this is to clean off my drawing desk. This may sound simplistic and mundane, but here's my drawing board desk at 7:10 this morning:

Where is the art desk?

   And, here it is semi-cleaned.

Oh, wow. So the desk top is white?

   And here it is after a clean sweep and a new beginning.

Everything lined out for the final push

   Cleaning gives me hope and when I can actually locate my sketchbook, I make decent plans.

Daily Sketchbook Whip Outs:

"The Recalibration"

(Be true to the times!)

   Also, publishing my intentions here gives me just a smidge more incentive to actually live up to my pronouncements. And, believe me, I need all the incentive I can create to ward off my usual lethargy and procrastination.

"A work of art that did not begin in emotion is not art."

—Paul Cezanne

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