Thursday, September 22, 2022

Up The Hill Into The Clouds

 September 22, 2022

   After a summer-and-a-half of triple digit days and nights, and ridiculous Guacamuggies (flatlanders call them Monsoons) it was a joy to head up into the White Mountains yesterday for a little cool air and relaxation.

Guacamuggy Ridiculousness Over Tucson

(Photo by Mark Sublette)

Yes, we traveled to the land of the Big Hats.

All Hat And Plenty of Cattle
(hint: one of them showed low)

   One place we did not go, but I am dying to go back to is this hometown staple.

Joshua Trees Close to Home

   And, no, we didn't go to Chinatown where I am known to the street musicians as "The Big Fat Yankee Stage Hog."

Rippin' Out A Mean Version of "Whole Lotta Love" in San Francisco's Chinatown

And frankly, we didn't go here, either.

Yuma Crossing

   More clues tomorrow.

"Find Bozo."

—New game in town

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