Thursday, September 08, 2022

White Socks And Blue Lines

 September 8, 2022

   This is a shot of me with the Cattletrack Crew, Mark and Brent yesterday, after we lined out the basic perameters of the Cascading Collage we're building.

Mark McDowell, BBB and Brent Bond
(photo by Greg Scott)

The Genesis of The Cascading Collage Concept
   I have this dream of a cascading waterfall of victorian images undulating and crashing across a confined landscape. We'll soon see if the art and found objects we put in that space pays off the concept. 
Whatever the hell we come up with will be premiering at the Phippen Art Museum in November.  

   Next week we will start throwing BBB scratchboards and illios againt that Blue Line and see where it takes us. We have a pretty decent roadmap.

Dan Eldon collage

Robert Rauschenberg collage

The BBB version in the book

"The easiest thing is the hardest. It is harder to be simple than it is to be complex. Education drowns us in detail."
—Old Vaquero Saying

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