Wednesday, December 12, 2007

December 12, 2007
All of the drought talk has evaporated into, well, thick air, as this morning's Arizona Republic reports that the reservoirs are full or filling and now we have to worry about too much water. Oh, well, when it rains. . .

Worked last night until about 8:30 trying to dig out from a backlog of work piled high because of the Vegas trip. As I reported yesterday, my six daily sketches got a little thin there for awhile. Here's an example from December 8:

When I got home and actually had some time, the sketches improved (although there is something to be said for the starkness of some of the Vegas sketches):

The December tenth page (above, right) was created by turning the sketchbook upside down and trying to see what I could create by connecting the ink dots that bled through from the previous page. When I use thick magic markers, the ink often bleeds through and splotches the next page.

Came in to the office and tweaked my editorial. We're saying goodbye to Bob McCubbin as publisher and welcoming two new contributors, Ken Amorosano and Dr. Jim Kornberg (Frontier Doc). The latter is writing a new column on frontier medicine. For example, could the Peter Fonda character in 3:10 to Yuma, who was gutshot in the first sequence, actually be up and riding a horse several scenes later? Hint: not too likely. Ha. Speaking of gutshot. . .

Hometown Hanging
"Well Joan doesn't seem to care for you. While I'm not one of your high school buddies, I do enjoy your scratchboards, your dogged pursuit of history and your meal suggestions, pretty good reflection of a balanced life."
—Larry Murphy

"I was thinking of having a blog on my web-site when I get it up and running but now I'm not so sure. After reading your December 11, 2007 Bonus Bonus Blog and the e-mail you got from someone in Kingman, I realize how much crap a blogger might have to put up with. I guess giving us something like this is what you mean by handing us actual journal entries, laid out raw and uncensored, all of it painfully true! I certainly do admire your honesty!"
—Bill Dunn

"Holy crap Boze!......Is Kingman Az. the town that humor forgot? (insert campy 1950's B movie poster art here) They DO know that most of what you write IS funny, don't they?"
—Jeff Prechtel

"They get it....they just don't GET it!"
—Phil Silvers

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