Wednesday, December 19, 2007

December 19, 2007
I've got a roaring headache (on my birthday!) mainly from the web conflict between Safari and Firefox and a half dozen other browsers, platforms and scuzzy wuzzy-terms I can't keep straight or remember. We've got dueling IT guys all pointing at each other and blaming one or the other browser. I've got blog readers who are complaining that the new web settings are crashing their computers. I was told to start publishing my posts in Firefox but when I do it doesn't recognize quote marks, dashes or apostrophes and puts in question marks. So I have gone back to posting in Safari. The Firefox guys claim Safari is on the way out. Shades of Beta vs. VHS (and the irony there is that VHS won the battle, but lost the war to BlueRay or whatever else has come along).

Meanwhile, I still can't post images on the blog.

Other than that I'm having a great birthday.

“I’m from USA Today so I’ll be brief.”
—David Colton, USA Today’s Page-one editor

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