Thursday, December 13, 2007

December 13, 2007
Finished Exit Ghost, the Philip Roth novel, last night. Really enjoyed it. Lots of death, though.

“I’m so depressed today. I just found out this ‘death thing’ applies to me.”
—Steve Martin

Speaking of Steve, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, Boze, you claimed you did six sketches yesterday, but isn't that just one drawing you posted?

Well, yes, I had the same reaction when I got home at about seven last night and took a good gander at it. I was tired, but I didn't want the asterisk next to the 10,000 bad drawings claim (I'm at 5,345 sketches and at this clip I'll be done in about two years), so, I forced myself to pump out another five:


Top Secret Secret Revealed
"I am hurt and somewhat bewildered that all the support shown by your regular 'Blog' readers did not convince you to continue. It took a wild attack from a non supporter to get you inspired."
—Hugh Howard

Make no mistake: the main reason I'm continuing this blog is because of the overwhelming support from daily readers like yourself. Yesterday's posting was based on a whim and a couple of assumptions.

First, I assumed, based on Joan Walton's comments, that the "Kingman bloggers" were gloating over my blog-wavering and second, Ms. Joan came over to my blog to give me a much needed spanking (something certain Kingman people, mainly teachers, have been doing for decades now). So, turning the tables, I wanted to give her a public spanking and at the same time give her full credit for giving me the incentive to write another 1,000 blogs. My hope is Ms. Walton will be greeted by her KB buddies with, "Thanks a lot Joan." Ha. That's it. Nothing more.

I'm always out for the giggle or the groan, if you haven't noticed.

Good Neighbors
While we were in Vegas I asked our neighbor Kelly Augherton to feed my dogs and chickens. Not only did she feed them, but she and her dad, Tom, put a new roof over the chicken condo, bought a new feed barrel and another bale of hay for the coop. Now that's neighborly love. Thanks Tom and Kelly!

“I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, ‘Steve, how can you be so f***in’ funny?”
—Steve Martin

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