Wednesday, December 05, 2007

December 5, 2007 Bonus Blog
Working hard on geting our slide show done for the big SASS convention on Friday in Vegas. Robert Ray is fine tuning images for "Low Slung Guns" and is geting ready to export the images onto my laptop with a thumb drive.

Went home at nine this morning for the tractor start and lo and behold the whole neighborhood showed up! Must have been half the people from the party last night, including two-year-old Deisel who is mad about trucks, backhoes and tractors. It took four of us about twenty minutes to keep turning that John Deere fly wheel, wheezing and grunting each time, until if finally caught and that patented thump of a Series B 1940 John Deere filled the air and was a thing of beauty. I hopped on and pulled it out and took it around the Spanish Driveway, then out into the street, turned a donut, brought it back. Took Deisel out and back and he was thrilled. Memories of Iowa took me right back to the Bell farm and riding with my grandpa on this very tractor. Got kind of misty out for a minute or two.

Sometimes I get tired of drawing people, and try and let go and just see what subconscious designs come out of my head:

I'm not sure what it means, but it feels good. Gee, I wonder what one of my underground comic heroes Robert Crumb has to say about this?

"It's just lines on paper, folks."
—R. Crumb

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